Our Drawings

It’s no secret that we are known for producing the highest quality plans around, combining elegant designs with meticulous detail in all our drawings. We work closely with the homeowner, the builder, and the engineer to ensure that you will find exceptional value in your final product.

All of our drawing are designed with the tradesman in mind. Tremendous care is taken to get your project completed on time and on budget.

Here are a few practical examples that set our drawings apart from the rest:


1.) DETAIL -Every aspect of the design has been thoroughlydetail detailed, eliminating unforeseen elements that pop up during construction, which gives the builder a more accurate way of estimating the cost of construction, saving you money at the same time. Most house plans include less than five details – ours typically have more than 20.


2.) CROSS SECTIONS – Not only do cross sections section3help the builder and the framers, but they help us understand the structure of the building on a much greater level. Most plans include one cross section – ours typically include at least three.


3.) JOIST LAYOUTS – These are truly unique to Willson Design. joist layoutWe include joist and truss layouts with all our house plans, which help builders quote more accurately, carpenters frame more precisely, and ensures the plumber there is no joist obstructing a drain location.


4.) STRUCTURAL Many designers provide architectural plans only,structural leaving the engineer to draw his own structural plan, costing you extra time and money. We, on the other hand, work closely with the engineers and show all the structural drafting on our own plans, eliminating the need to work with multiple sets of plans during construction.


5.) 3D RENDERING Every custom house planHPSC0265 includes a professional three-dimensional hand-drawn rendering that is unique to you and your design.


If you would like to know more about our drawings or would like to view a sample set of our plans, please contact us for a complimentary consultation, as we would love to meet you!